Product is intended for smart monitoring of technological processes, air quality and other physical measurements with the outputs delivery for processes’ optimization and automation.

Usage examples

  • Temperature and humidity control during the construction works, followed by optimization of the construction procedures (concrete curing control).
  • Complete solution for temperature and humidity control of the accommodation container at construction site with smoke detector, window open sensor and output for disconnecting the electric heater to optimize heating costs.
  • Temperature monitoring in freezers, refrigerators and cooling boxes in stores with indication, if limit values are exceeded (power cut = spoiled goods), preparing automatic protocols to meet the legal duty of continuous monitoring and temperature recording
  • Area equipped with unit with smoke sensor to protect people, present in the area, and the property.
  • Air quality control in schools and public spaces with indication, if limit values are exceeded.
  • Container filling monitoring for the collection optimization.
  • Watercourses operationally equipped with units with ultrasonic distance measurement for continuous water level monitoring and flood warning, if limit values are exceeded.
  • Weather condition monitoring units incl. road icing detector, winter maintenance optimization.
  • Monitoring of the machine operations, using units with vibration sensor.

FlexiSmartView description

Device is designed on a basis of FlexiCube device. It is a low-wattage device fitted with relevant sensory components. The most frequently used sensors are temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, smoke detectors, ultrasonic distance measuring sensors, vibration sensors, etc. Additionally can be used GPS sensor to determine the exact position. Measured data are sent to the monitoring web portal - FlexiPortal, where they have been saved and analysed. Based on incoming data analysis, user-defined scenarios are automatically activated (e.g. the limit values of the measured temperature or CO are exceeded, fire, filled containers, etc.) Based on user-defined scenarios alarms can be send to user via SMS or email. The monitoring web portal provides non-stop service of devices’ monitoring, devices’ parametrization, definition of automatic scenarios. Access to the monitoring web portal is possible from any device connected do internet (PC, tablet, smartphone, ...).

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