Product is intended to control selected machines/devices, especially to monitor the location change/handling and to secure against unauthorized handling/stealing.

Usage examples

  • Location tracking of leased machinery.
  • Monitoring the motion of transport containers / wagons and securing the transported goods by monitoring cargo space, monitoring longer stops outside defined geo zones and monitoring ambient temperature of the transported goods.
  • Position and handling monitoring of portable traffic signs, position change (fall) monitoring due to vandalism or wind.

FlexiTracking description

Device is designed on a basis of FlexiCube device. It is a low-wattage device fitted with GPS sensor to determine the exact position of tracking object. Informations about the location change/handling or tilt are sent to the monitoring web portal, FlexiPortal, where have been saved and analysed. Additional features can be added to the device (e.g. magnetic contact, motion detector, temperature sensor etc.). Based on incoming data analysis, user-defined scenarios are automatically activated (e.g. the possibility of geo zone definition for monitoring, if specified location was left, if there was a pause for longer time outside the defined geo zones, if the cargo space of the transported goods was entered, monitoring the ambient temperature of the transported goods etc.). Based on user-defined scenarios alarms can be send to user via SMS or email. The monitoring web portal provides non-stop service of devices’ monitoring, devices’ parametrization, definition of automatic scenarios. Access to the monitoring web portal is possible from any device connected do internet (PC, tablet, smartphone, ...).

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